Ship Your Auto

When moving across the state or across the country, consider the benefits of using a vehicle transport service to ship your auto, motorcycle or boat. These companies are quite affordable and are committed to protecting your car from the moment of pickup until the time the vehicle is dropped off at the destination.

Relocating can be a hassle, and if there is more than one car involved it means splitting up the group. Driving cross country can also be frustrating if the route is unfamiliar or if you have to be at your new home at a specific time. Vehicle shipping companies solve this problem by arranging for you to ship your auto and leave you free to take a plane or train. This saves wear and tear on the vehicle as well as fuel costs, and it affords you the luxury of arriving in time to meet the freight company, knowing your car is due to be dropped off at a specific date and time.

Contracting with a vehicle shipper is very easy, in fact many of them offer online quotes. Customers can compare rates and schedules, choosing the company that best fits their needs. Your car will be loaded onto a special vehicle trailer or full-length van, secured firmly in place, and remain safe for the duration of the trip. Most vehicle shipping firms offer point-to-point travel, meaning there is no redistribution of the car during transit. This means your car is much more likely to arrive on schedule than if you drove it yourself.

When you ship your auto using a vehicle transport service, you will be working with knowledgeable professionals that have years of experience in the areas of dispatch, long distance driving and freight loading. These companies are fully insured, licensed and bonded to protect your valuable investment. Contact a vehicle moving company today and see just how affordable it is to ship your auto!

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